Discover Why Our Swimming Lessons Stand Out!"

What makes SwimCamp unique? Why should you take swimming classes with us?

We believe swimmers are only as good as their mental, technical, and physical fitness together. We offer high quality professional coaching and technical instruction for open water swimmers, triathletes and competitive swimmers. 

Our Philosophy is based on the idea of the more efficient swimmer, who will get the most out of their ability and become the fastest swimmer they can be.  The foundation of which is in the knowledge that each swimmer is aware and capable of identifying their strengths and weaknesses in the water.  Giving each swimmer the knowledge to bring into their own training can alter their swimming pathway.  

Our swim clinics will be structured to include swimmers of the same age and skill level.  Our ratio swimmer to coach ratio is kept low to enable us to give each swimmer in attendance the time and attention they need during each session. Our swimming lessons are an effective way to supplement your swim training.  The clinics are structured to educate participants to become responsible and informed about their own training programs.  They are made to inspire and strengthen the foundations of each swimmer who attends. 

Our coaches are highly qualified and all members of Swim Ireland. They give every swimmer the opportunity to improve their swimming skills and achieve their goals at their level, from club to national competitor. Our Swimming coaches have worked with coach Susan for many years and employ her positive coaching style to make our clinics and camps a unique experience.

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