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Sophie Linnane

Coach of Swim CAMP Ireland

Sophie Linnane is a vastly experienced Level 2 qualified Swim Ireland Coach. Sophie has been involved in competitive pool swimming since the young age of 6, firstly as a swimmer and transitioning into a teacher/coach at the age of 16. Sophie’s passion for all things water has led her to open water swimming over the past few years and she is currently studying to qualify as a Level 2 Open Water Coach.

Sophie is passionate when it comes to the technical teachings of swimming. Her attention to detail and particular emphasis on getting the basics right have set her up to produce some of the most accomplished young swimmers over the past few years. Sophie has spent time coaching in Trojan, Barracuda and is currently with Glenalbyn Swimming Club. Working closely with three different style of Head Coach has given her a broad range of experience to draw from.

Sophie has worked with all age groups of swimmers, from the very young to the more mature beginner. She has helped triathletes train to compete for sprint and Olympic events and has more recently been involved in transferring her accomplished pool skills to the open water.

Susan Dillon

Co-Founder & Head Coach of SwimCAMP

Susan Dillon

Level 3 Swim Ireland Coach/ Level 2 Swim Ireland Open Water Coach

Susan is a Level 3/Level 2 Open Water qualified coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience (Leinster Squad Coach, Masters Coach, Youth Club Head Coach, Youth Club Age Group Coach, Open Water Coach). 

She works with competitive swimmers and triathletes of all ages, which includes preparing, delivering, and evaluating season plans. Susan’s extensive technical knowledge, attention to detail and her appetite for continuous development and education is what makes her stand out. Her dedication to the sport has been unwavering and her passion passing her knowledge onto others, especially those starting out, is infectious.

Susan has recently completed her studies in sports psychology and her interest in this area brings an extra depth to her coaching skills. Susan herself is a highly accomplished open water and pool swimmer. She has participated in many 5Km/10Km open water events around Ireland and Europe, her longest swim being that in Lake Zurich 26.7Km.


Rachael Lee

Level 2 Swim Coach/ Level 2 STA Open Water Swim Coach/ Level 2 Swim Ireland Open Water Swim Coach

Rachael Lee needs no introduction, and we are thrilled to have her consult and coach on our clinics.

Rachael is one of the most accomplished, decorated Irish Open water Swimmer’s. She holds the unbroken Irish record being the fastest person to swim the English Channel solo.

Her Ocean Breakers team (Tom Healy & Ronan Joyce) also hold the unbroken World record for the fastest (3 person relay) crossing of the North Channel.

Rachael’s full list of achievements can be found on the Ocean Breakers website, www.oceanbreakers.ie, and is worth taking the time to read. To say it is impressive is an understatement.

Rachael’s outstanding dedication and passion for the sport of swimming is infections, and anyone who has come across her will be unable to deny this. Her vast experience of open water swimming and racing makes her an invaluable part of our team.

Swim Camp Assistant Coach


Ben David

National Swimmer and Open Water Swimmer

Ben David is at the beginning of his coaching journey and is very much still involved in competitive pool and open water swimming. Having had the pleasure of coaching Ben over the past 10 years I can honestly say is one in a million. He is the type of athlete that some coaches may never have the pleasure of working with.

Ben is currently working his way through his teaching and coaching qualifications all while studying and training.

Ben’s love of swimming started from the young age of 10 and for the past number of years he has given his time unselfishly to learn what he can about the coaching profession. He was worked with the younger squads within the club setting and has an excellent eye for correcting technical faults. Ben has always been a great role model for all younger team members and a someone they can look up to with ease. He holds a strong rapport with the younger swimmers, and we are thrilled that he has found the time to join our team.

Ben continues to train as a competitive senior swimmer. His adaptable, resilient nature has seen this take to the open water over the past year and a half and continue his training to the best of his ability. His attitude to hard work, dedication to his training has been unfaltering.

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