Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all swimmers, parents or guardians of any child attending swim clinics, swim camps or private coaching organised by Swim Camp Ireland. Please ensure you have read and understand the following.

Swimmers or parents must complete the online COVID 19 Form and submit a waiver before participating in any clinic or camp.                                      You will ensure that you, your child or any other children you bring to the facilities will follow the general rules and pool rules that are specific to the particular facilities.

A contract comprising these Terms and Conditions will come into effect once you submit a booking form to Swim Camp Ireland.
Swim clinics, camps and private coaching can only be given to the person named at the time of booking and as confirmed by Swim Camp Ireland.
We reserve the right to edit where necessary, our terms and conditions and will give you adequate notice.

We accept payment by Credit or Debit Card.

All payments are non-refundable. In the unlikely event Swim Camp Ireland cancels a clinic session (e.g.: weather conditions, insufficient student numbers, pool closures) an alternative session will be offered. In the case that the alternatives offered does not suit, a voucher will be given towards the next 6 months.

The safety and well being of our swimmers is our primary concern. Children should be supervised at all times before and after the session by their parent or guardian.
Parents must remain at the premisses during session times.
Once a clinic/ camp is underway, parents may contact our camp chaperone directly by phone. A contact number will be provided.

Swim Camp Ireland is not responsible for any valuables. It’s the swimmers or parents responsibility. 

You must inform your coach if there is any medical condition of the participant that may be relevant. If you or the guardian know of any illness medical condition or allergy caused to you as a swimmer or your child then you must notify us prior to any session and give full details so that we can take appropriate action or precautions if necessary.

In the event that we feel you or the child are not able to do the session due to illness, allergy or other appropriate reason then we reserve the right to prevent the participant attending a session and in such circumstances we are unable to offer any refund.

Any abusive or offensive behaviour towards any member of our staff (or venue staff) will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave. Drugs, alcohol and smoking are strictly forbidden. No refund will be available should a swimmer be asked to leave under these circumstances.

Cancellation for a private coaching session must be made 24 hours in advance of the session, otherwise the full amount of the session will be charged.