Cool Off and Have Fun: Register Your Child for Our Summer Swim Camps 2023 in Dalkey

Ages 7-12 & Limited Spots for 5-6 Year Olds

Keep your child safe and have fun this summer with our Summer Intensive Swimming Camps for Kids 2023. With experienced instructors and a structured environment, we offer camps for all ages and abilities. Give your child the gift of confidence and independence in the water. Enrol now while spaces are still available!

Your First Step To Your Child Being Water Safe

Location: Castle Park School Pool, Dalkey

Our lessons will give your child the confidence and skills to be safe, in and around the water.

Explore a new world of endless possibilities with our summer swimming camps for children. 

By enrolling in one of our summer swim camps, we can give your child a new sense of confidence and show them the useful life-long skill that they have yet to discover.


❓Why choose SwimCamp for your children?

We offer different camps for different age groups and abilities, so there’s something for everyone!

Sign your kids up for one of our swimming lessons and give them an exciting experience that will make their summer full of joy and memories.

Don’t wait too long, spaces are filling up fast!

We Teach Your Child to:

  • Love and Enjoy Swimming
  • Learn how to swim in a safe and friendly environment
  • Develop water confidence, water safety and swimming skills
  • Increase coordination, balance and strength
  • Breath control, Buoyance and floating techniques, Propulsion through the water, Competitive Strokes

🏊‍♀Your Child's Path to Swimming Success: Meet Our Experienced & Certified Swim Coaches

Susan Dillon Head Coach Swim Ireland coach

Head Coach / Co-Founder

Susan Dillon
swimcamp swim lessons dublin teacher manuela


Manuela Laudon

Swim Camp Coach Nadja


Nadia Manouki

Swim Camp Coach Debbie


Debbie Patton

SwimCamp Swimming Coach Sam


Sam Nuryyev

SwimCamp Coach Ben


Ben David
SwimCamp Coach Hazel


Hazel Cunningham

SwimCamp Coach Sabreal


Sabreal Svoboda

Swimcamp Swimming Coach Sophie


Sophie Linnane

🏅Dive into SwimCamp Success Stories: Witness How We're Transforming Your Child's Life One Stroke at a Time!

Aisling S.
SwimCamp's Transformative Splash: Aisling's Approval
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Aisling excitedly shares her family's exhilarating swim saga at SwimCamp, where miracles happen one stroke at a time. Witnessing her 7-year-old conquer longer distances within minutes and her 5-year-old conquer the deep end after only two sessions left Aisling in awe. SwimCamp's small group sizes, coaches in the pool, and transformative teaching methods have given her daughters unshakable confidence and an unquenchable love for swimming. Aisling's stamp of approval echoes throughout the land, urging all parents to seize this life-changing opportunity.
Cynthia H.
From Timid to Triumphant: SwimCamp's Impact
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Cynthia's son has been attending SwimCamp Sessions for 4 months, and she is thrilled with the progress he has made. Thanks to the dedicated coaches and effective training, her son's swimming abilities have improved significantly, showcasing the success of SwimCamp in helping children develop their skills in the water.
Debra C.
Unleashing Passion: SwimCamp's Worth Every Penny
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Debra expresses her satisfaction with SwimCamp as her son has been consistently attending and following the clear progress plan laid out by the coach. The investment she made in SwimCamp has proven to be worth every penny, highlighting the camp's commitment to providing valuable swimming lessons and ensuring continuous progress for the participants.
Clodagh M.
Dive into Success: Fionnuala's SwimCamp Triumph
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Clodagh highly recommends SwimCamp to anyone seeking swimming lessons for their kids. She emphasizes the remarkable progress her child Fionnuala has made through the camp. SwimCamp's effective teaching methods and dedicated staff have played a significant role in enhancing Fionnuala's swimming abilities, leaving Clodagh impressed and satisfied with the experience.
Saoirse B.
Confidence in Waves: SwimCamp's Magical Oasis
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Saoirse experienced a eureka moment when she discovered SwimCamp for her daughter's swimming journey. In just one session, her little swimmer's confidence soared to new heights, propelling her through the water with newfound grace. The vibrant atmosphere and exceptional staff at SwimCamp have transformed swimming lessons into an enchanting adventure. Saoirse considers her family incredibly fortunate to have found SwimCamp, a haven where dreams and water collide to create extraordinary swimmers.
Sarah D.
Single Mom's SwimCamp Triumph: A Life-Altering Choice
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Sarah, a single mother, chose SwimCamp as the ideal place for her 10-year-old son to learn how to swim. Impressed by the high-quality training and the supervision of certified professionals, Sarah is confident in the decision she made. SwimCamp has provided her son with the opportunity to acquire essential swimming skills in a safe and supportive environment, fulfilling his long-standing desire to swim.

👉 Don't Wait: Ensure Water Safety for Your Child Today! Enroll at SwimCamp and Give Them the Skills They Need!

Our intensive swimming camps are aimed at those swimmers who are currently undertaking swimming lessons. We cannot accommodate swimmers who have no previous water experience. These sessions will focus on improving already established the swimmers have learnt in their lessons.

Where: Castle Park School, Swimming Pool, Dalkey
When: August 3 Day Intensive courses – Please refer to dates in below
Time: Please check booking forms below
Duration: 45 minutes per session

☝️Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Don’t wait too long, we only have a few spots!

👉 August Dates: 4 Weeks Tuesdays or 3 Days Intensive Summer Swim School

Group 1 ⭐

Swimmers who are in lessons for less than 6 months. If your swimmer cannot swim independently or requires a floatation device then this is the group for them.

Group 2 ⭐⭐

If your swimmer is happy and comfortable in the water. They can float unaided and can move short distances through the water independently. Swimmers must be comfortable exhaling while having their face is in the water.

Group 3 ⭐⭐⭐

Swimmers who can swim independently for 10m – 25m. They should have an understanding of how to move their arms and legs in frontcrawl, backcrawl and breaststroke.

Our intensive summer swimming camps are aimed at those swimmers who are currently undertaking swimming lessons. We cannot accommodate swimmers who have no previous water experience. These sessions will focus on improving already established the swimmers have learnt in their lessons.

📌 Event Location (Castle Park School, Dalkey)

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💁‍♀️ Our Summer Kids Swimming Camps in Dalkey: Questions & Answers

Our Summer Swimming School is at: Castle Park School Swimming Pool – Dalkey, Co. Dublin

A 25m deck level swimming pool with a depth of 1.1m throughout.

Our kids swimming lessons are specially designed for children aged 7 to 12 years old. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Each session lasts 45 minutes.

Certainly. You will be delighted to see the progress your child makes. Parents will have access to an audience tribune. Parents are not permitted in the changing rooms or pool hall, with the exception of younger swimmers age 5-7.

Yes, especially with our younger swimmers.

Our coach-to-swimmer ratio is low and we typically have 4-8 swimmers per coach, depending on the age group.

Learning to swim can be different for everyone, and goals can also be different. There’s no one-size-fits-all model for swimming. We recommend swimming for at least a full term with us. Swimming classes are most effective if swimmers attend regularly. 

Parents must complete the online Health & Release Form and submit any necessary paperwork before their child may participate in any camp.

At SwimCamp, we value the privacy of parents and children. We do not publish any images of children on our website (including Social Media) unless they are our own or shared by their families and friends with explicit consent. Your child’s privacy and security are our top priorities, ensuring a safe and respectful environment throughout their swimming experience.

You must inform us if there is any medical condition of the participant that may be relevant!

If you or the guardian know of any illness, medical condition or allergy caused to you as a swimmer or your child then you must notify us prior to any session and give full details so that we can take appropriate action or precautions if necessary.

In the event that we feel your child is not able to do the session due to illness, allergy or other appropriate reasons, then we reserve the right to prevent the participant from attending a session and in such circumstances, we are unable to offer any refund.

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