Private Swimming Lessons in Dublin

One-to-One Private Swimming Lessons in Dublin, Ireland: Unlock Your Full Potential in the Water


If you feel you need a more focused one to one session where the coach will give you full attention. The sessions are offered in 30 minute (beginner to intermediate  and 45 minute (advanced) sessions as these sessions can be intense and can be exhausting taking in all the new information. 

Getting swimmers engaged in the thought process of what they are actually doing in the water rather than just going through the motions. 

Each swimmer will receive a breakdown analysis of their technique, drills and skills they can focus on to improve their overall technical ability resulting in greater speed.

If you are interested in our PRIVATE COACHING Swimming sessions, please fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss availability and options soon.

☝️ Remember that the Private Swim Coaching Sessions are held at Castle Park School Pool in Dalkey, Dublin South.

Please note that at this time we do not provide private swimming lessons for children. If you are interested in improving your child’s swimming skills, please review our Kids Swimming Lessons.

📌 Master the Art of Swimming: Unlock Your Skills with Private Lessons at our Convenient Location

🗒 Custom Made Training Plans

Our custom made training plans will give you the focus on motivation to carry through on your swimming goals. They are created over a six week training cycle and are offered on a 2/3 or 4 sessions a week basis, depending on the commitment each swimmer can sign up to. 

An initial session will be taken with the coach in water to gauge the swimmers ability and what his/her goals and focus will be. There will be a session to touch based in week 3 and again in week 6.  Each training plan is created for a specific swimmer and is created around their strengths and weaknesses.

No two training plans will be the same. 

💁‍♀️ Private Swimming Lessons in Dublin: Questions & Answers

Are you considering to book Swimming Lessons for you or your child? And you are unsure whether private or group swimming lessons are the better option?

We can guide you in your decision to get the best outcome! We will talk about when the right time is to start with swimming lessons and how many you even need.

Additionally, we will tell you how much private lessons cost and if they are really worth the cost. The main differences and benefits of both private and group classes will be discussed.

Finally, we answer the question if you can teach yourself how to swim or if a swim course is necessary. If you want a great recommendation as to where you can take swim classes – both private and in a group – then please, continue reading!

There are parent-baby swimming lessons for babies from 2 months old, but these are mainly to get your kid used to the water. But at which age should a child learn how to swim with the help of lessons?

It is recommended that kids around the age of 4 years start with swimming lessons to learn the basics. However, parents should decide whether their child is ready for it or not, because for some kids it might be better to start a little later.

There is no age limit as to when you can or should learn how to swim. Even as a teenager or adult, you can still take swimming lessons.

There are adult swimming lessons that are offered by many swim schools in Dublin, including SwimCamp, as it is quite common for people to learn how to swim later in life. Maybe you never had the chance to swim as a child and therefore never learned it.

It is clear that swimming is an essential skill that everyone should learn at some point in life. It is better late than never!

Learning how to swim is an incredibly valuable skill no matter what age you are. It may seem daunting, but with one-to-one private swimming lessons for adults at SwimCamp, learning to swim can be both fun and easier than anticipated!

Private swimming lessons give students full attention of the instructors so that they know you on a personal level which helps them in identifying your unique needs. Our Swimming instructors provide support throughout the process by working together with each student individually, creating customised lesson plans that suit everyone’ different levels and styles of learners. This individualized approach makes it easy for every person to advance their own skills without getting lost in too much information at once or feeling overwhelmed by their instructor’s expectations. Private swimming classes also offer more flexibility when adjusting schedule to accommodate other commitments – perfect for busy parents or those who just want some extra practice between sessions!.

SwimCamp Lessons offers courses designed specifically for adults, these excellent swimmers’ workshop help people develop stroke techniques and water confidence without sacrificing quality of instruction – making learning how to swim a perfectly achievable goal! Not only will participants learn safety tips about being around water but usually end up having even more fun that expected thanks to creative exercises led by friendly professionals..

To sum it up: learning how to swim is not difficult if you have dedicated coaches on your side; however there truly isn’t an exact answer since this highly depends on each student’s objectives, ability & commitment level. Whether joining one-on-one private swimming classes or group SwimCamp courses, rest assured that with regular practising anyone can become a capable swimmer in no time!

Private swimming lessons usually are around 30 minutes long. The teacher can focus fully on the swimmer during the whole lesson, therefore they can be shorter than group lessons in some cases.

The cost of private lessons is of course more expensive than group classes. In Ireland, private adult lessons often cost between €40 and €80. For children, it is a bit cheaper, with around €20 to €30 per lesson.

Comparing this to the cost of group courses, which are often between €20 and €30 per lesson, you notice a big difference. However, there are many benefits to private classes that you don’t get with group classes.

Therefore, it might make sense for some people to spend more money on private classes to profit from these benefits.

We know that private classes are more expensive than group classes, but does it really make sense to spend more money for it?

It really depends on the swimmer. If you are scared of the water and swimming, then private classes can definitely be a good option for you. The swim teacher can focus on you and guide you in your journey. This can be more difficult in a group, because there are several swimmers and only one coach.

The actual time you swim will be higher during a private lesson, as you don’t have to wait for the other swimmers’ turns. There is more waiting during group lessons, so you get less time to practice swimming.

Another advantage of private lessons is that it is adapted to your needs and to your performance. In a group, it happens that some are more advanced than others, so they are held back by the others and can’t progress as quickly.

Basically, you will learn how to swim a lot faster with private classes. This means that you need less private courses than group courses, and the cost in the end is similar.

Therefore, private swimming lessons are worth it, and it is a good investment. Knowing how to swim is an essential life skill and important to stay safe. We can tell you that swimming lessons are necessary and always worth it.

You cannot really say that one is better than the other, because it depends on the needs of each swimmer.

Some need the social interaction with other swimmers that is only given in a group setting. Getting to meet new people, socializing and motivating each other. Group classes can be more fun and less boring than private classes.

However, there might be swimmers that get distracted during group classes and don’t learn well in this environment. Then, of course, private classes are beneficial for the swimmer.

Private classes are also better for scared swimmers that have water phobia or are very unsure of themselves in the water. Getting the full attention of the coach is in this case very valuable to progress quicker and gain water confidence.

For private swimming lessons in the Dublin South area, consider checking local leisure centers and community pools. A recommended option is SwimCamp. Additionally, asking friends or family for references can lead to trusted instructors. Always verify credentials before starting lessons.

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