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What are the best sea swimming spots in Dublin?

Best Swimming Spots Dublin

Dublin is one of the most popular cities for open water swimming in Europe. 

With 12 sea swimming spots to choose from, this guide will help you find the best spot for your next outdoor swim.

There are a number of factors that go into deciding which location is best, including safety considerations and swimmer accessibility.

We’ll explore each of these in detail below!

The first thing to consider is the safety of the location. Some swimmers prefer a safer, more sheltered swimming spots such as Sandymount or the Forty Foot. 

Others may be looking for stronger currents and are willing to take on longer swims out to Dollymount strand or Balbriggan Bay.

The next factor that will help you decide which location is best for you is the swimmer’s accessibility. If access to water or a place to change after the swim are important, then Sandycove Beach at south Dublin might be your best bet as it has changing facilities and provides easy access via stairs from Harbour Road promenade.

If an open-water swimming spot that will accommodate a large number of swimmers is what you’re looking for, then the popular choice would be Dollymount strand.

Balbriggan Bay might be a good sea swimming spot for people looking for both calm and strong currents.

Finally, if privacy is your main concern, then Sutton Pool or Sandymount would be perfect as they are less popular spots with little to no public access.

1.) The Vico Baths, Killiney (Hawk Cliff)

The Vico Baths is a natural pool with plenty of space to sunbathe and swim. 

The water isn’t deep, but it’s an excellent place for families as the shoreline has sand and there are so many nooks and crannies where children can play safely on rocks or in shallow water areas.

It’s just one of many spots in Dublin where you can go to cool off during summer. The beach here has great views, and it’s not too far from shops, restaurants, etc. 

You won’t regret heading over there after exploring some other parts of town!

2.) Red Rock Beach

The Red Rock Beach is the perfect spot for a leisurely day of sunbathing and swimming. 

The water here isn’t quite as deep, but it’s still clear enough to see your feet when you’re standing in ankle-deep water. 

It’s also very calm and tranquil despite being right next to Dublin Bay on the coast with great views from up top overlooking Dublin city!

3.) Tower Bay Portrane

Tower Bay Portrane is a great spot for those who are looking to enjoy the scenic coastline. 

This location offers views of both Dublin and Howth, with boats passing by on their way into the harbour just in front of you. 

They also have lifeguards stationed at the beach which means that if you’re concerned about safety, this might be your best bet!

4.) Seapoint Beach, Dublin

Seapoint Beach is another great spot to enjoy the scenery. 

This location is one of the best spots for open water swimming and has a small pier that extends out from Dublin Bay. 

With lifeguards, this is an especially safe choice for those who like to have someone watching over them while they’re swimming or playing at the beach.

5.) Skerries Beach

This beach is a little further out, but it’s the perfect spot for those who want to spend the whole day at the water. 

The depth of this location varies between shallow and deep, so there are plenty of spots that will fit your desired swimming experience. 

It’s also not too far from Dublin city, which means getting down here doesn’t take up much time!

6.) Donabate Beach

Donabate Beach is a little small, so it might not be the best option for people who are looking to spend all day at the beach. 

It also doesn’t offer any facilities such as showers or toilets, which means you’ll need to come prepared before heading down!

The water depth here varies between knee-deep and waist deep, depending on where you’re standing, but both areas are calm and safe. 

The one downside about this location would be that there’s no lifeguard which could pose an issue if safety is your top priority when choosing a place to swim near Dublin city.

7.) Killiney Beach

Killiney Beach, one of the popular swimming spots, is a great all-around location for those who are looking to spend the whole day at the beach. 

It offers lifeguards, changing rooms with showers and toilets on site as well as parking which makes it a convenient choice for people living in the city centre or nearby!

The water depth here varies between knee-deep by day and waist deep near high tide, but both areas are calm, so there’s no need to worry about rough waves knocking you over. 

The only downside would be that they don’t offer any outdoor activities like surfing or kayaking, which could make this location less exciting than some of our others!

8.) Velvet Strand Portmarnock Beach

Velvet Strand Portmarnock is the perfect spot for those who want to enjoy a day at the beach. 

They have lifeguards on duty, changing rooms and toilets as well as parking nearby which means it’s not too much of an inconvenience getting there!

The depth of water here varies between knee-deep by day, but becomes waist-high during high tide.

However, both areas are calm, so we don’t need to worry about rough waves knocking us over while swimming or playing in the ocean!

9.) Dollymount Strand and Bull Island

Dollymount Strand and Bull Island are two great options for those who want to enjoy the beach near Dublin city. 

Both locations offer lifeguards, changing rooms with showers as well as toilets but Dollymount also offers outdoor activities like stand-up paddleboarding!

The water depth at both of these spots is consistent, so we won’t have any worries about how deep this spot will be when arriving at site.

However, there’s no parking included with either of these places, which means you’ll need to find a place in nearby streets or public transport if driving isn’t an option for you. 

Bull Island has more facilities such as kayaking and surfing, but it’s a little further out than some other areas we’ve already mentioned.

10.) The Forty Foot

The Forty Foot is a great location for someone who wants something different.

It’s not the closest to Dublin city, but it offers surf lessons, kayaking and other water sports!

The thing that could be considered an issue with this area  is that they don’t offer much in terms of facilities including toilets or changing rooms, so we’ll need to come prepared before heading down.

11.) Sandycove Beach

Sandycove Beach is a well-known location for anyone who wants to visit Dublin.

It’s the closest of all the locations we’ve mentioned, so it might be perfect if you’re looking for something quick and easy! 

There are also restaurants nearby (Dalkey) that serve food, which is always good when heading out on an adventure with friends or family!

The water depth at Sandycove varies between knee-deep by day and waist high during flooding, which means this may not be as good of a place to swim when waves are rough because there aren’t many lifeguards around, but it offers some great views from higher up too!

12.) The Baths Clontarf (Clontarf Baths)

One of Dublin’s swimming highlights is the Clontarf Baths. The Clontarf Baths and Assembly Rooms, as they are commonly known, opened in 1886 and featured a large, tidal, seawater swimming pool that extends out into the bay from the promenade wall.

The Clontarf Baths do not have direct access to the swimming pool. However, our Adult Swimming Classes are an excellent option if you want to swim in the outdoor pool in Clontarf.


It is important to consider what you are looking for in an open-water swimming spot. Whether it is safety, accessibility or privacy that guides your decision, this guide will help you find the perfect location on Dublin’s coast!

Now get out there and go swim some laps! You’ll feel so refreshed after a nice cool dip in the water. Not to mention all of those great benefits like weight loss and cardiovascular health improvement!

Questions & Answers

There are many reasons that people swim in the sea. For some, it is a way to stay fit and healthy; for others, swimming may be an escape from reality or stress of life on land. For some people, the ocean offers a sense of peace and serenity.

The Forty Foot is located in the eastern part of Dublin Bay. It’s a popular spot for swimming and has an unusual rock formation that makes it famous among locals. Just as you get to the water at low tide there are rocks leading out into the bay which create a natural swimming pool.

You can swim in Howth at low tide, it’s a great spot for families. The water is very shallow and calm making it perfect for beginners and children. It has lots of secluded spots that make the area’ less busy than other public beaches in Dublin such as Sandycove Beach or Killiney Beach.

Dublin Bay is one of the best spots for open water swimming. It’s safe to swim in Dublin Bay, but you need to follow some sea swimming safety precautions.

One of the most popular swimming spots in Dublin Bay is Sandycove and there are no health risks if you stay within 50 metres of shoreline.

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